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Strata Talks: What are TRL & BRL and how to use them?

Join us for a fascinating event: “What are TRL & BRL and howto use them?” designed to provide an overview of these concepts and their relation to startups, innovation and business.

This event will bring together innovation experts and enthusiasts from different fields to discuss the most important concepts about TRL & BRL.

Originally invented at NASA in the 70s, TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) are critical metrics used to evaluate the maturity of a technology and a business. More recently, BRLs (Business Readiness Levels) are also widely used to evaluate business maturity.

Both metrics have become essential tools for businesses, researchers, and policymakers to assess the feasibility and potential of new ideas and bring them to market.

At our event, we will dive deeper into what TRL and BRL are, how they are used, and how they can be applied to different industries.

We are excited to count on expert speakers from several industries who will share their expertise and experience with the attendees.

5” – Welcome 9” – David Arias

9” – Rafael Zaballa

9” – Martin Stanford

The event was hosted by Strata Innovation & Growth and FundingTrip.

Do you want to know more about TRL&BRL? Download our presentation!

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