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Meet the expert: OMAR POOL

As an industrial engineer and technical product development specialist, I work with different partners to create and grow innovative companies. From designing new energy solutions to helping with the digital transformation of business. I have worked as an executive, researcher, consultant and entrepreneur internationally within the manufacturing, food processing, government, non-profit, banking, software, and renewable … Leer más

Find the best funding, find it on FundingTrip

The Venture Capital market exploded in 2021. With an 8% growth, Europe reached €118bn in fundraising. 841 funds raised capital, the highest number of funds ever recorded, 33% higher than the average number of funds from the last five years.  In parallel, a total of €138bn was invested in European companies in that same year, which … Leer más

Are you looking for funding for your deep-tech startup? 5 mistakes to avoid

Although funding in deep tech has significantly increased over the last years, founders of deep tech startups are still struggling to raise funding in the early stages. We have prepared a guide to help founders avoid the most common mistakes. Deep tech startups address the most urgent challenges of our time by combining advanced technologies, … Leer más