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Meet the expert: HATTY FAWCETT

My name is Hatty Fawcett and, as the founder of Focused For Business, I am on a mission to make it quicker and easier to raise a Seed or pre-Seed funding round. I have worked in three startups, raised investment for my own startup and now I run a Funding Accelerator for founders raising their first or second round of funding. In the last 12 months I have raised £5million for the startups I have worked with.

I work with startups and small business owners to give them the clarity, connections and confidence to attract a range of investors so they can choose the right investor for their situation. In the last 12 months, I raised over £4 million for my clients, with individuals raising between £10K and £840K. If you are raising investment (or thinking of doing so) I’d be happy to offer some support. 

I have a strong track record in raising funding for businesses and having seen investment from both sides of the fence (as a founder and knowing what investors expect), so I know how overwhelming getting investment can be.

Following a 15-year career in marketing, I have completed an MBA at Imperial College and went on to work in three startups (including my own business where I raised over £250,000). I also managed a number of investments for former Dragon’s Den star, Kelly Hoppen. 

My unique perspective on start-up funding, and the work I do to level the playing field when it comes to raising equity investment, has recognised me as Adviser of the Year 2022 by Enterprise Nation.

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