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Meet the expert: TAMAS SZEKER

I am a passionate Innovation and Business Growth Partner, based in Barcelona, supporting clients to scale and succeed globally. My key domains include venture building, fundraising, business development / B2B sales, and international expansion.

➤ I am the Co-founder of the global consulting firm iScale Hub, specializing in innovation management services, accompanied by legal and engineering solutions.

➤ As an International Business Development Strategist, I help top-tier consulting companies find and convert more B2B clients by designing, developing, and executing winning sales prospecting strategies and optimizing their sales processes.

➤ I also work as an Innovation and Funding Partner at the international innovation consulting firm Strata, helping innovative high-risk, high-impact European deep-tech companies to get grants (of up to €2.5 million) and equity investments (of up to €15 million) from the EIC Accelerator and other EU funding entities.

➤ Besides, I also help clients with bespoke cybersecurity and payment solutions, and I am also an award-winning ambassador and a regional jury member at the South Europe Startup Awards.

I hold an MA in Business Development (specializing in entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation) from the Budapest Business School, and I am also certified as a Value Methodology Associate (VMA) and, so far in my career I have supported the growth of 250+ startups through several incubators, accelerators, VCs, and other ecosystem players.

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