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Strata Talks: Are You Ready for Funding?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup looking to take your ideas to the next level? If so, we have an event that is tailor-made for you!

Join our event “Are You Ready for Funding?” – an exciting gathering designed to share ideas about the challenging path to funding.

In this informal event, we bring together funding experts, founders, and investors to discuss about the challenges of funding and how to better manage the fundraising process by making a honest and objective assessment of the funding readiness.

Join us for the event where you’ll gain firsthand knowledge from those who have successfully navigated the funding journey.

5” – Welcome. David

9” – Rafael Zaballa

9” – Aracelia Tamariz

9” –Peter Khayat

The event was hosted by Strata Innovation & Growth and FundingTrip.

Do you want to know more about TRL&BRL? Download our presentation!

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