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Meet the expert: OMAR POOL

As an industrial engineer and technical product development specialist, I work with different partners to create and grow innovative companies. From designing new energy solutions to helping with the digital transformation of business.

I have worked as an executive, researcher, consultant and entrepreneur internationally within the manufacturing, food processing, government, non-profit, banking, software, and renewable energy industries.

I recently founded and help to manage two companies, which provides a cloud and ERP solution and consulting services for small business that help them with their digital transformation, and, a company that makes renewable energy more accessible by designing integrated inverters and batteries. 

I can help you with: 


Designing and managing your business strategy.

Creating and monitoring a sales and operations plan.

Designing and managing new products, services and business models.

Transitioning your business to a digital model.

Applying for startup funds.


Creating a cost reduction strategy by using renewable energy.

Designing and building a new solar power plant up to the MW level.

Implementing energy storage technologies to reduce costs and increase reliability.

Implementing integrated inverter-battery systems.

Sourcing batteries for electric scooters.

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