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Fresh funding! Weekly update –  April 8, 2024

Welcome to our weekly update of grants and new funding options for European and UK tech startups!

European funding

EIC Accelerator closing on October 3, 2024 – +€650 million for deep tech startups

EIC Pathfinder Challenges  closing on October 16, 2024 – €136 million for breakthrough technologies at low TRLs

EIC Transition closing on September 18, 2024– grants of up to €2.5M to validate and demonstrate technology

Innovation Fund closing on April 9, 2024 – €4 billion for decarbonisation technologies

Eurostars closing on September, 2024 – +€100 million for international collaborative R&D projects

PV-integrated electric mobility applications closing on January 21, 2025– €138M to fund activities targeting a sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply.

Harmonised / Standard protocols for the implementation of alert and impact forecasting systems as well as transnational emergency management in the areas of high-impact weather / climatic and geological disasters closing on June 27, 2024– €30M to boost disruptive technologies
Open Topic closing on June 27, 2024– €16M to support innovation projects

UK funding

IUK Smart grant closing on April 24, 2024 – 25M£ for game-changing and commercially viable R&D innovations

South Africa-UK health research collaboration: multimorbidity of infectious diseases and NCDs closing on April 15, 2024– £3 million to fund health research applications in the focus area of multimorbidity of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

A NetworkPlus to strengthen the cybersecurity research ecosystem closing on April 16, 2024– £6 million to strengthen the UK’s cyber security research ecosystem and develop its people. 

Net zero digital research infrastructure coordinator and network closing on April 16, 2024– £3.5 million to become the net zero digital research infrastructure (NZ DRI) coordinator to develop and lead an NZ DRI network.

Other interesting updates!

Episode 1 Ventures – new VC fund worth £76M to invest in early-stage technology startups across Europe.

Future Energy Ventures – new VC fund worth €110M to fund startups and scale-ups that are pioneering sustainable energy solutions.
DeepTech & Climate Fonds (DTCF) – new VC fund €1B to create the next generation of technology champions in Germany and Europe.

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