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FAQ: Breakthrough Energy EU Catalyst

Who can apply?

Proposals are open to national investments by EU Member States through InvestEU or at project level. Throughout 2022, the first projects will be selected. All types of organizations based in Europe are eligible for funding, as long as they develop innovative technologies in the areas of clean hydrogen, direct air capture, sustainable aviation fuel, and long-duration energy storage, and show a strong potential for deployment and scale-up.

What is the deadline?

Proposals will be open for submission until December 31, 2027, or until all funds have been assigned. Submissions for Breakthrough Energy EU Catalyst will begin being evaluated after May 13, 2022.

Which projects have been funded so far?

For the moment there is no information available about the funded projects. The first RFP closed on 13 May 2022 and throughout this year the first projects are expected to be selected.

How much funding will the projects receive?

The maximum grant is expected to be 20% assigned equally by both the EU and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst. Before deploying the funds, the Commission, the EIB and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst will analyse thoughtfully the viability of the project so as to evaluate the risks and the quality of the project.

Will it work?

Supporting the innovative technology in the demonstration phase and creating a market for green products will allow the EU-Catalyst partnership to reduce the costs to make it competitive with fossil fuels. This way, its adoption will be faster and will put an end to the reliance of these technologies on public support schemes. One example where it has worked in the past is the case of the photovoltaic.

For further enquiries, read the FAQ of the EU-Catalyst.

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