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The new Innosuisse’s accelerator programme: there is hope for longing Swiss applicants of the EIC Accelerator!

The Federal Palace is the building in Bern, capital of Switzerland, housing the Swiss Federal Assembly (legislature) and the Federal Council (executive).

By Elsa María Granados Last Friday, March 4th, the Swiss Government announced the upcoming launch of a new accelerator programme: the “Swiss Accelerator”. It has been created with the objective of endorsing Swiss emergent companies as the EIC Accelerator -one of the Horizon Europe’s programmes for boosting research and innovation- used to do. Due to … Leer más

Why FundingTrip?

20 years ago, an entrepreneur who was in need of funds for its new venture had just two options: paying a visit to the bank and asking her friends and relatives. It was not an easy task to convince any of them about funding the new business but it was an easy choice.  Today, fundraising … Leer más

Top 5 Business Accelerators in the Nordics

Business accelerators play an extremely important role in shaping the business model of a startup. Growing a company in its early stage presents a variety of challenges to founders. Business accelerators are there throughout the whole process. From the first conceptualization of the business to bringing the product to market, and finally igniting the growth … Leer más

The Top 10 Swedish tech funds

By Elsa María Granados Sweden is well known as the birthplace of some of the most successful giants in the world, such as Spotify, Skype and Klarna. The country is a very appropriate ecosystem for the flowering of startups –both to start and to grow into large companies–. And not any kind of companies: innovative … Leer más