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Antler: A unique global startup accelerator

Antler is an early-stage business accelerator helping startups in a wide range of sectors get funding. Antler has created one of the largest founder communities worldwide. Their investment philosophy focuses on selecting the right people. Therefore, the emphasis of their process focuses on the people behind the startup rather than the business model itself.

Some of the attributes they look for in founders are inner drive, spike and grit.

Who is behind Antler?

Antler is led by CEO Magnus Grimeland. An Harvard alumnus, with extensive experience as a founder. Magnus founded Zalora, an ecommerce fashion marketplace that achieved rapid expansion throughout Southeast Asia.

Stefan Jung is the CFO. Known for co-founding Lazada, an ecommerce bournemouth in Southeast Asia, that currently has over 130 million users. Lazada was eventually acquired by Alibaba for $3.5 billion.

What is Antler’s initial investment?

Antler’s initial investment will depend on a variety of factors. The most important factor to determine the amount of the initial investment will be the stage in which the company is in.

Additionally, factors like the sector the company is in as well as the location of the business will be determining factors. Since Antler chooses founders rather than the business they tend to invest in the company’s equity.

Antler’s initial investment is usually above $100,000, and they require a 12% stake.

Antler’s unique approach

Antler’s investment approach differs from most business accelerators. Any investment in a company is usually focused on the business. Antler takes a rather odd approach, focusing their investment decisions on the people instead of the business itself. They choose winners. Their philosophy lies on the fact that it is much easier to implement changes to the business, than to change the way a founder leads a company.

Antler invests mostly on the team behind the project. Even sometimes without having a clear business plan, a founder will be able to receive funding from Antler. Their team of experts will then outline a business model that fits the founder’s skillset, and his ambitions.

Antler’s successful stories

Antler’s has had countless successful investments over the years. Here are some of the most notable:


Homebase is a Vietnamese startup helping future homeowners access the right financing solution. It recently raised $30 million.


XanPool is revolutionizing payments with the help of cryptocurrencies. Theur software is aimed at crypto exchanges, crypto wallets and other businesses involved in the crypto space. Having raised over $32 million since inception, XanPool is one of the most notorious successful investments made by Antler.

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