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Top 5 Business Accelerators in the Nordics

Business accelerators play an extremely important role in shaping the business model of a startup. Growing a company in its early stage presents a variety of challenges to founders. Business accelerators are there throughout the whole process. From the first conceptualization of the business to bringing the product to market, and finally igniting the growth of these businesses.

Startups need a lot more than just capital. In fact, most startups require mentorship and advice on what direction the business should take. The importance of these aspects is oftentimes underestimated. That is why it is crucial to seek the right partners for your business. Here is a list of some of the most influential business accelerators in the Nordics.


Antler is among the most recognized business accelerators in the Nordics, supporting all sorts of startups. Their team is led by CEO Magnus Grimeland, and CFO Stefan Jung, both of them are wildly successful startup founders.

Antler usually invests in the founder or the founding team behind the startup. Therefore, their investment is usually in equity. Their average investment is $100,000 for 12% equity. Antler has invested in over 170 different startups.

Chalmer Ventures

Chalmer Ventures is another well-known business accelerator in Scandinavia. Based in Gothenburg, Chalmer Ventures works closely with renowned universities, and in conjunction with Chalmer University. and focuses its investments on research-based ideas.

At the helm of Chalmer Ventures is Sara Wallin, who has successfully been investing in tech startups for over 12 years. Chalmer’s initial investment is usually around SEK300,000.


Sting is one of the leading business accelerators in Sweden. Having worked with more than 300 startups since its inception in 2002. Sting combines experienced angel investors with noteworthy founders, who want to propel their business. Sting is typically interested in supporting startups in the tech space. With a special emphasis on healthtech, software and services, sustaintech, deeptech, and fintech.

Sting has been distinguished by Global Startup Awards, as the best accelerator/incubator, which shows you the quality of what they do. Their typical funding is around SEK 500,000.


Accelerace is one of the most renowned business accelerators in the Nordics. Based in Denmark, Accelerance is known for successfully helping Trustpilot launch and become one of the most successful Nordic startups.

Their investment is in the form of convertible debt, and they usually invest DKK 500,000. Accelerance invests in different sectors, and it is led by Peter Torstensen. Accelerance tends to focus on startups in the tech space.


xEdu is the leading education business accelerator in Europe. Based in Finland, xEdu has a wide range of initial investment. Their funding can be between €10,000 and go all the way up to €300,000.

If your startup is in the education sector, you should consider xEdu, given their expertise and specific knowledge in this area. As they can help you to improve your product, and help you make the necessary changes to propel you to success.

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