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Weaving the next web of the internet: web 3.0

Internet has evolved in the blink of an eye. Every now and then there are new updates or new platforms that allow us to go further, but have you ever wondered what will come next? What will revolutionize the Internet as we know it? If you have, you’d probably be interested in knowing that there … Leer más

Crowdfunding in Europe: another door to raise funding

Visionaries, entrepreneurs, or geniuses always come up with excellent projects that leave us speechless as they can change our lives forever. Nevertheless, on some occasions, we don’t get to know those fantastic projects for they don’t see the light of day. And how is that? Well, think of an amazing car parked in a garage. … Leer más

The magic world of startups

Unicorns, centaurs and decacorns exist. They’ve living in our world for a long time, we just didn’t realize it. And of course, we are not pulling anyone’s leg, we are absolutely serious. You don’t believe me? Fair enough, let me give you an example of a former unicorn: Google. You see? They have been with … Leer más