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The best grants for UK startups

If I asked you to quickly describe the UK in, let’s say, four or five words, you’d probably mention some facts such as that it rains a lot there, they eat fish and chips, they enjoy drinking tea, and probably something related to Brexit would also come to your mind. But stereotypes aside, the UK is … Leer más

Horizon Europe for tech startups

In today’s world, innovation and development are indispensable elements to make progress and shape tomorrow’s world. Consequently, Europe is committed to improve the continent’s growth and citizens’ quality of life through its more ambitious programme: Horizon Europe. What is Horizon Europe? In 2020, the EU launched Horizon Europe, a core funding programme designed to foster … Leer más

The best grants for European tech startups

What do companies such as Skype, Beddit, Shazam and Minecraft have in common? The fact that all of them are successful European startups. But also the fact that all of them were acquired by US companies such as Apple or Microsoft. Are these European success stories or not? It comes as no surprise that the … Leer más